KentPresents 2016

The 2016 program consisted of 43 sessions involving 87 speakers and moderators presenting over three days in August 2016.


  • U.S. International Power in the 21st Century – (moderator/interview in italics) Michael Kramer, Leslie Gelb
  • Space Exploration: Worlds AwaitingJohn Donvan, Charles Elachi
  • The Racial DivideDarren Walker, Kristen Clarke, Cyrus Vance, Ekow Yankah
  • Aperitifs – 23 speakers give 2-minute previews of their sessions to come
  • Frank Delaney, David Baltimore, Amy Cappellazzo, Aaron Carroll, Charlie Cook, Mark Gorenberg, Eleanor Heartney, Christopher Hill, Marc Raibert, Pepe Karmel, John Kelly, William LeoGrande, Jack Matlock, Trevor Morrison, Charles Murray, Joe Nocera, William Perry, Stapleton Roy, Kevin Salatino, Kip Thorne, Frances Townsend, Faye Wattleton, Gilbert Welch, Deborah Willis


  • Balancing Security and Liberty Frances Townsend, Sir Richard Dearlove, David Sanger, Thomas Pickering
  • Less Medicine, More Health John Donvan, Gilbert Welch
  • Artificial Intelligence and Society: Separating Fact from Fiction Walter Isaacson, John Kelly, Stuart Russell
  • Where is the Supreme Court Headed? Trevor Morrison, Danielle Gray, Jeffrey Wall
  • Aciman on Proust Jonathan Burnham, André Aciman
  • Back at the Nuclear Brink David Sanger, Christopher Hill, William Perry
  • The Environment: Why We Must Overcome Our Fears to Save the Planet Frank Delaney, Michael Shellenberger
  • Fire Shut Up In My BonesJonathan Burnham, Charles Blow
  • Gravitational Waves: Albert Einstein to LIGOWalter Isaacson, Kip Thorne
  • What Hath the Food Movement Wrought?Corby Kummer, Michael Pollan
  • Should College Athletes Be Paid? Jay Kriegel, Joe Nocera, Ekow Yankah


  • Feminism's Challenges in the 21st Century Darren Walker, Eleanor Heartney, Laurie Simmons, Faye Wattleton
  • A Guaranteed Income for Every AmericanJohn Donvan, Charles Murray, Andrew Stern
  • "Hamilton" and Others: The Relationship of Non-profit Theaters and BroadwayP. Carl, John Doyle, Oskar Eustis
  • Charlie Cook Dissects the 2016 ElectionJay Kriegel, Charlie Cook
  • Robotics: The Promise and the RealityJohn Donvan, Gill Pratt, Marc Raibert
  • Are Old Masters Still Relevant in the High-Fuelled World of Contemporary Art?Scott Rothkopf, Thomas Campbell, Carter Foster, Kevin Salatino
  • What the Wise Men See: Kissinger and DearloveMichael Kramer, Sir Richard Dearlove, Henry Kissinger
  • As Technology Races Ahead, How Do Humans Keep Up?John Donvan, Andrew McAfee, Charles Murray, Stuart Russell
  • The Ever-Changing Art MarketKatya Kazakina, Amy Cappellazzo, Adam Lindemann

    • Dealing with the Middle East MessChase Robinson, Christopher Hill, Hussein Majali, Thomas Pickering
    • Innovations to Help the Aging People Stay Healthy and IndependentMark Gorenberg, Dina Katabi
    • DARPA: Postcards from the FutureSteve Koonin, Arati Prabhakar
    • Cuba Enters a New Home and AbroadWilliam LeoGrande, José Viera
    • A Fine Romance: Museums and CollectorsPepe Karmel, Colin Bailey, Thomas Campbell, Gary Tinterow
    • Foreshadowing the Presidential Election: Key Campaign IssuesJane Whitney, Eric Cantor, Hakeem Jeffries
    • Driving in the Digital AgeAlex Taylor, Gill Pratt, Ken Washington
    • When Is A Painting Overcooked? Dodie Kazanjian, Julian Lethbridge, Dana Schutz
    • The Final Frontier Pierced: Precise Gene AlterationHarold Varmus, David Baltimore
    • Marlon and MeFrank Delaney, Andrew Bergman
    • Shahzia Sikander: Globalizing ModernismEleanor Heartney, Pepe Karmel, Shahzia Sikander


    • Myths, Half-Truths and Outright Lies About Your Body and HealthCorby Kummer, Aaron Carroll
    • Fifty Years After: Gordon Parks to LaToya Ruby FrazierCarter Foster, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Sarah Lewis, Deborah Willis
    • China & RussiaJames Hoge, Henry Kissinger, Jack Matlock, Thomas Pickering, Stapleton Roy
    • Smart CitiesSteve Koonin, Mark Gorenberg
    • Whither the Restaurant Critic?Corby Kummer, Adam Platt
    • The Right SongLonny Price, Michael Korie, David Yazbek, Dee Hoty, Mark Mitchell, Ryan Silverman, Elizabeth Stanley
    • Fictional BiographyAndré Aciman, Dinitia Smith, Judith Thurman