The 2017 KentPresents Ideas Festival ended July 31

The exciting new Ideas Festival...Meet and mingle with scores of top leaders in dozens of fields...Three days of intellectual and cultural stimulation...and fun. Kent, Connecticut. Stay tuned for information about KentPresents 2018.

These NOBEL LAUREATES spoke at KentPresents, along with 76 other luminaries.

GLOBAL AFFAIRS panels will include sessions on China, Russia, Europe, North Korea, Diplomacy, Economic Security and Trade, Iran/Saudi Arabia and ISIS/Syria.

HUMANITIES, VISUAL ARTS AND PERFORMING ARTS panels will include sessions on Wrestling with Art, Curatorial Insights, Women Collectors, Architecture, Cicero and Trump.

POLITICS, SOCIAL ISSUES AND THE SUPREME COURT panels will include sessions on The Six-Month Trump Report Card, Cicero and Trump, the Democratic Way Back, The View from Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), Mass Incarceration, the Racial Divide, the Future of Democracy and the Supreme Court.

HEALTH CARE, THE ENVIRONMENT, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY panels include sessions on Health Care Reform, The Opioids Crisis, Alzheimer's Disease and Aging, The Right to Forget, Health Myths, Solar Geoengineering, Quantum Computing, Systems Biology and Autonomous Driving.

ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION panels will include sessions on Income Inequality, An Economics Conversation, The Future of Work, Taxes Policy, Urban Education, The Gender Gap, Universities and US International Education Competitiveness.