Community Grant Program

KentPresents Grants $125,000 to 38 Litchfield County Charitable Organizations

In 2017, KentPresents awarded grants of $125,000 to 38 non-profit organizations serving Litchfield County. This contribution represents a 25% dollar increase from the $100,000 donation in 2016, when 29 local organizations received grants.

The groups receiving awards provide social and emergency services, housing, educational and economic opportunities, and enhance the cultural and artistic lives of low- and moderate-income individuals and families in Kent and nearby communities. In selecting the recipients, special emphasis is placed on basic needs, emergency services and education programs.

"We are very pleased that in our third year KentPresents has been able to increase the size of our gift and to continue to make meaningful grants to so many organizations," said Donna and Ben Rosen of Kent, founders and guiding spirits of KentPresents. "In the years to come we hope to continue to support needs-based groups that help people in our communities to thrive."

Applications for grants were reviewed by a group of 12 citizens (not including the Rosens) from Kent and surrounding communities.

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2017 grant recipients include:

Applications for 2018 Grants:

Grant applicants must be charitable organizations that are tax exempt under Section 50l (c) (3) of the I.R.S. "that provide social and emergency services, housing, educational and economic opportunities and enhance the cultural and artistic lives of low and moderate income individuals and families in Kent, CT and nearby communities. Special emphasis will be placed on organizations that provide basic food and housing needs, emergency services and educational programs."

2018 grants will be considered after August 31, 2018. Applications should provide the following information in electronic format (preferably pdf) on no more than two pages to by September 30, 2018.

  1. Name and address of organization
  2. Federal Tax I.D. number
  3. Name of executive director and/or board president
  4. Contact information (telephone and email) for each of above
  5. Brief mission statement for organization
  6. Brief history of organization and explanation of who benefits from its services. (List number of clients served per year and their geographic location.)
  7. An explanation of how the mission of the organization aligns with the priorities of Kent Presents in the first paragraph of this letter.
  8. A list of the organization's top 3 accomplishments in the past three years and a brief explanation of each
  9. An explanation of any significant reduction or loss of funding expected in the future
  10. An explanation of how a Kent Presents grant of $2,500-$5,000 would be used

The following attachments should accompany the organization's two-page application:

a. A copy of the organization's IRS determination letter

b. The financial results (Statement of Activities for the most recent completed year. The statement should itemize revenues by major sources and expenses by major category. It you anticipate significant changes in the current year, please note this.

c. A current list of officers and board members with titles

d. The Representation Letter below completed on the organization's letterhead

Questions may be directed to or contact any of the members of the KP Provides Committee.

Representation Letter on Organization Letterhead


KP Provides
c/o Kent Social Services
P.O. Box 678
Kent, CT 06757

We represent that ________________________ is a Section 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization located in Litchfield County, CT that provides services primarily to residents of Litchfield County and:

  • Has a duly constituted volunteer Board of Directors or Governing Body that meets regularly and has full power to establish operating policy; to employ and dismiss key employees; to control and be responsible for other groups operating in or using the name of the organization; to enter into contracts; and to acquire, manage and dispose of real and capital properties obtained in the name of the organization.
  • Is current with its fiscal responsibilities and in compliance with all legal requirements of legislative bodies.
  • Adheres to a policy mandating that all of the income of the organization be used to achieve its stated charitable purposes and that none shall be awarded to its members.
  • Has a commitment to non-discrimination and diversity (e.g., gender, racial, cultural, religious, immigrant/refugee background, linguistic, etc.)
  • Any award received from Kent Presents will not be used to fund annual campaigns, benefit events, endowments, memorials, start-up costs or private research.
  • Contributions from Kent Presents will be used to provide services that benefit the entire community on a non-discriminatory basis.



Name of Organization