A few comments from KentPresents 2015-2017 speakers:

"A spectacular event. It was better-organized and more coherent and more elegantly presented than 99 percent of the events in which I participate."
Andrew Solomon, Author, Prof. Clinical Psychology at Columbia

"The quality of discussion at KentPresents was overall superior…an intimate and special atmosphere."
Sir Richard Dearlove, retired chief, Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

"Phenomenal. I've attended lots of conferences, but none so seamlessly executed."
Faye Wattleton, former president, Planned Parenthood

"The event was so brilliantly conceived."
Harold Varmus, Nobel Laureate, former Director National Cancer Institute

"I have been to several pretty special events, but this really was one of the very best."
Frances Arnold, Prof. of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering, Caltech

"Everything was perfect. The people who spoke were brilliant, and those who asked questions were no less intelligent and amazingly observant."
André Aciman, Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center of CUNY, Author "Call Me By Your Name"

"The curatorial care with which you have selected the speakers and the quality and diversity of attendees make KentPresents a truly singular event."
Dario Gil, Vice President of Science and Solutions at IBM Research

"It's easily the most entertaining and fascinating meeting I attended this year."
Aaron Carroll, Vice Chair for Health Policy, Indiana University

"The festival was a great success."
David Baltimore, Nobel Laureate, Former President, Caltech

"Your commitment to convoking and organizing this event is more important than ever."
Kathleen Stephens, former Ambassador to South Korea

"I was blown away by event. Congrats on pulling something like this together."
James Forman, Jr., Yale Professor of Law

"Hard to imagine that you have been doing this only for three years. You have done something extraordinary in relatively short order."
Ronald Daniels, President of The Johns Hopkins University

"What a fantastic three days of the highest intellectual excitement and style."
Joshua Landis, Director, Center for Middle East Studies, Professor University of Oklahoma

2017 Collage