KentPresents 2015

The 2015 program consisted of 38 sessions involving 70 speakers and moderators presenting over three days in August 2015.


  • U.S. Risks Around the World – (moderator/interview in italics) David E. Sanger, Ambassador William Burns
  • KentPresents: The Aperitifs – 13 speakers Presented Four-minute Previews of Their Sessions to Come
  • Frank Delaney, Donna Rosen, Ben Rosen, Stewart Brand, Janet Gornick, Bill Luers, Adam Lowe, Dan Kevles, Jay Kriegel, Chase Robinson, Frances Arnold, Pepe Karmel, Jim Fruchterman, Harold Varmus, Mitch Landrieu, Ted Chapin


  • Cybersecurity, Cyberwar and Surveillance Jim Hoge, David E. Sanger, Joe Nocera
  • Preserving Our Cultural Heritage Judith Dobrzynski, Adam Lowe, Bonnie Burnham
  • Dealing with Iran Michael Kramer, Jim Hoge, Ambassador Bill Luers, David E. Sanger
  • Demystifying Energy – Scott Tinker, Stewart Brand
  • Election 2016: Assessing the Field Jay Kriegel, Charlie Cook, Ed Rollins
  • The Arts and Crafts of Biography – Frank Delaney, Sylvia Morris, David Nasaw, James Atlas
  • Cancer: Research, Prevention, Treatment Paul Marks, Harold Varmus
  • Income Inequality: Consequences, SolutionsJanet Gornick, Paul Krugman, Darren Walker, Scott Pearlstein
  • Can Technology Save Us?Jim Fruchterman, Carols Riva, Adam Lowe
  • Morris vs. Buckley, The Gipper vs. the VeepFrank Delaney, Edmund Morris, Christopher Buckley


  • Race and Criminal Justice Soledad O'Brien, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Darren Walker, Mayor Mitch Landrieu
  • New 21st Century Art Museum: Better or Worse?Judith Dobrzynski, Michael Govan, Susan Taylor, Jerry Saltz, Richard Olcott
  • Time in the Age of InformationJudith Shulevitz, Andre Aciman
  • Climate Change: Certainties? Uncertainties?Dan Kevles, Steven Koonin, Gavin Schmidt
  • The Big Blur: Museums,Galleries, Auction HousesDodie Kazanjian, Amy Cappellazzo, Michael Govan, Francis Naumann
  • Lewis Lapham: The World in TimeNick Lemann, Lewis Lapham
  • World Economic OutlookSteve Pearlstein, Paul Krugman
  • Far from the Tree: Parents, Children, IdentityJudith Shulevitz, Andrew Solomon
  • Guns in AmericaJane Whitney, Joe Nocera, Ed Rollins


  • Understanding Islamic ExtremismMichael Kramer, Chase Robinson, Joshua Landis
  • State of Play(s): The Future of TheaterDavid Benedict, Ted Chapin, Richard Maltby, Jr., Jack Viertel,
  • Sex in AmericaJudith Shulevitz, Nick Lemann
  • Rating PresidentsDan Kevles, Jay Kriegel, David Nasaw, Ed Rollins, Paul Krugman
  • Automobiles: Disruption AheadAlex Taylor, JB Straubel, Gil Castillo
  • Evolution: Recreating the Past, Exploring the FutureScott Fraser, Frances Arnold, Stewart Brand
  • Disruptive Technologies 1Jim Fruchterman, Bill Gross, Steve Koonin, Scott Fraser
  • Duchamp & Picasso: Two Men and a BicycleJerry Saltz, Francis Naumann, Pepe Karmel
  • Interview with Siddhartha MukherjeeMichael Moritz, Siddhartha Mukherjee
  • GMOs -- Dangerous, or Panacea?Corby Kummer, Stewart Brand
  • Election 2016: Issues That Will DominateNick Lemann, Janet Gornick, Michael Kramer


  • Disruptive Technologies 2Michael Moritz, Howard Morgan, Scott Tinker, JB Straubel
  • The Prospects of Personalized MedicineDan Kevles, Frances Arnold, Scott Fraser
  • How the Supreme Court is Changing AmericaMichael Kramer, Jeffrey Toobin, James Zirin
  • World OrderChristopher Buckley, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
  • New Art: What Makes a Generation?Chris Lew, Rachel Rose, Xaviera Simmons
  • If I Loved You… The Anatomy of a Musical SceneJack Viertel, Richard Maltby, Jr., Ted Chapin, Jenn Gambatese, Nate Hackman, Leah Horowitz, Jen Regan