Robert Jones

Exoneree, Innocence Project

Robert Jones is a 44-year-old African American true gentleman and native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up poor and lived in distressed neighborhoods as a youth. Robert is the eldest of five other siblings; four living and one deceased. He also suffered the loss of his father when he was seven years old. As a result, he was raised by his single-mother. The hardships of poverty and typical life experiences ultimately led him to dropping out of school in the eighth grade.

Robert Jones was eventually arrested at the age of 19 years old for crimes he did not commit. He was found guilty as an innocent man and was sentenced to serve life plus 121 years in Angola Louisiana State Penitentiary. While Robert was incarcerated he re-educated himself by obtaining his GED, learning the law, business, political science and a host of other subjects. He was also an inmate lawyer and organization leader amongst other prisoners.

After serving more than 23.5 years on a wrongful conviction, Robert is now a free man who has been cleared of all charges. He is a motivational speaker and a well-known community activist, poverty abolitionist and one of the co-founders of the Free-Dem Foundations, Inc., a nonprofit organization that mentors and guides the youth in his community in a positive direction. Robert sits on the board of directors of two other nonprofit organizations and is on a city safety and justice advisory committee. He is currently starting his own business and employed as a client advocate with the Orleans Public Defenders Office.

Robert Jones is a co-author of the book Unbreakable Resolve: Triumphant Stories or Three True Gentlemen.

Robert Jones