Margot Hirsch

President, Smart Tech Challenges Foundation

Margot Hirsch is President of Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed in 2013 to reduce gun violence through innovations in gun safety technologies. The Smart Tech Firearms Challenge received more than 200 entries culminating in $1 million awarded to 15 innovators. Smart Tech is a committed to finding market-based, gun safety solutions to address gun violence, which claims over 33,000 American lives annually.

Ms. Hirsch continues to mentor the CEOs of the start-ups seeking to transform the firearms market, as well as informing the public on emerging gun safety technologies and their potential to save lives.

The leading national spokesperson on smart gun technologies, Ms. Hirsch has shared her insights with the White House, and has presented at the Aspen Institute, the US Conference of Mayors, and Fortune Brainstorm Tech. She has been interviewed by numerous national media outlets including CNN, Bloomberg News, Forbes, Fortune, ABC, NBC & Fox News.

Prior to joining SmartTech, Ms. Hirsch was a senior executive at a variety of tech companies. She held positions at Blackboard, Inc., Skillsoft, Global Village, and American Express. She led business development at Angel Investors, also founded by Ron Conway, helping over 100 start-ups in the portfolio break into their respective markets.

Margot Hirsch