Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Era of the #MeToo Movement

We continue our social issues segment with our panel on the #MeToo movement and Sexual Harassment

For more than a year, the rising #MeToo Movement has captured the daily news headlines. How has the dialogue changed public opinion and attitudes towards victims' claims and alleged perpetrators? How will the predictable backlash affect public and private conduct and the advancement of policies and initiatives in colleges, boardrooms, legislatures and courts? Our panelists will tackle these and related transformative issues, including the increasing use of defamation as a defense against charges of sexual harassment and assault.

This panel features Lisa Bloom, Civil Rights Attorney at The Bloom Firm, Marjory Fischer, Title IX Coordinator at Columbia University and Faye Wattleton, Former president of Planned Parenthood and partner at Buffkin and Baker.

Videos of the presentations and discussions can be found at our YouTube Channel: