KentPresents 2017

The KentPresents 2017 program consisted of 44 sessions, presented by 79 speakers and moderators


  • World At Risk - (moderator/interview in italics) Michael Kramer, David Sanger
  • Aperitifs - 25 speakers give 2-minute previews of their sessions to come
    • John Donvan, Jared Bernstein, Amanda Ripley, Andrew Kolodny, Jim Bessen, William Luers, Jim Zirin, Jessica Mathews, Greg Petsko, Ron Daniels, Michael Kramer, Tom Loveless, Kathleen Stephens, Richard Murray, John Pfaff, Jay Kriegel, Paul Romer, Christopher Hill, Dario Gil, Scott Small, Tyler Cowen, Samuel Issacharoff, David Osborne, Joshua Landis, Aaron Carroll
  • The Arab Mess - Joshua Landis, Bill Luers, Jessica Mathews
  • Autonomous Driving - Alex Taylor, Richard Murray
  • Reinventing American Education - Valerie Strauss, David Osborne, Tom Loveless
  • Why The Conventional Wisdom About the Causes of Mass Incarceration Thwarts Reform - Adam Gopnik, John Pfaff
  • Alzheimer's Disease & The Aging Brain - John Donvan, Scott Small, Greg Petsko
  • Wrestling With Art - Adam Weinberg, Carroll Dunham


  • The World Economy: Calm Before The Storm - Jared Bernstein, Paul Krugman
  • The Olympics of The Mind: Can U.S. Education Become Word Class? - David Nasaw, Amanda Ripley, Tom Loveless
  • Cybersecurity and Cyberwar - John Micklethwait, David Sanger, Nicholas Burns
  • Forgetting: Benefits of An Open Mind - Scott Small, Greg Petsko
  • Is Inequality Unstoppable? - Darren Walker, Paul Krugman, Jared Bernstein, Paul Romer
  • Leading An Elite University" Wasn't It Simpler Once? - John Donvan, Ron Daniels, Michael Roth
  • Democratic Way Back - Matthew Dowd, Stephanie Cutter, Greg Speed
  • The Opioid Epidemic: Past, Present and Looking Around The Corner - Regina LaBelle, Andrew Kolodny
  • Europe Up and Down - Kathleen Stephens, Nicholas Burns, Robert Hormats
  • In Search of The Elusive Tax Reform - Jared Bernstein, Tyler Cowen


  • Grading Trump: Triumph Or Disaster? - Jane Whitney, Matthew Dowd, Lawrence Kudlow, Charles Blow
  • Myths, Half-Truths, and Outright Lies About Your Body and Health - Corby Kummer, Aaron Carroll
  • Architecture Matters - Sheena Wagstaff, Annabelle Selldorf, Shohei Shigematsu
  • Diplomacy in The 21st Century - Michael Kramer, Henry Kissinger, Nicholas Burns
  • Balanchine's 20th-Century Genius - Jennifer Homans, Darren Walker
  • The Lost Boys: What Can Be Done to Re-Engage Boys in School Worldwide? - Valerie Strauss, Amanda Ripley, Safwan Masri
  • The Health Care Morass: How'd We Get Into It and What's The Way Out? - Jared Bernstein, Aaron Carrol
  • Free Trade vs. Protectionism - John Micklethwait, Tyler Cowen, Robert Hormats
  • Curatorial Insights - Adam Gopnik, Scott Rothkopf, Ann Temkin


  • Report From The Front: Senator Chris Murphy - Jay Kriegel, Matt Dowd, Chris Murphy
  • Tyler Cowen and Paul Romer in Conversation
  • Putin's Russia - Robert Kaiser, Peter Zwack, Jessica Mathews
  • Where Is The Supreme Court Going? - Trevor Morrison, Jim Zirin, Jess Bravin
  • The North Korean Threat - Christopher Hill, Kathleen Stephens, Mark Lippert
  • From Climate Shock to Solar Geoengineering - Corby Kummer, Gernot Wagner, Radley Horton
  • Three Technologies Poised to Disrupt - Steve Koonin, Dario Gil, Richard Murray
  • Isis, Syria and The Middle East Wars - Chase Robinson, Joshua Landis, Hussein Ibish
  • The Future of Democracy - James Zirin, Eddie Glaude Jr., Charles Blow


  • Trump's Legal Troubles - Trevor Morrison, Samuel Issacharoff, Ryan Goodman
  • Permanent Sabbatical: What Happens To Us When Algorithms Take Our Jobs? - John Donvan, Tyler Cowen, Jared Bernstein, Jim Bessen
  • Rethinking The Republic - Jonathan Burnham, Joy Connolly
  • China's Rise - Christopher Hill, Henry Kissinger, John Pomfret
  • Women Who Collect Art - Ann Temkin, Agnes Gund, Nathalie de Gunzburg, Marguerite Hoffman
  • Puncturing Structural Racism in Our Cities - Laura Walker, Rebecca Carroll, Ron Daniels, Charles Blow
  • The Mystery of Mastery - Adam Gopnik